How To Get Glue Off Plastic Containers

If you are anything like me, then you are probably on a constant lookout for containers that can serve multiple purposes around the house.  Anytime I can save money by not having to buy something new, it’s fantastic! I really like using clear containers to store various little things: needles and thread, buttons, and of course, the ever elusive Lego collection.  I recently found these awesome animal crackers at Costco. The best part? The container they come in is clear! Now, here comes the tricky part: removing the label.


So, how the heck do you get glue off a plastic container?

The answer is a lot more simple than you might expect. Vegetable Shortening. Yup! That’s all it takes. A little Crisco will clean even the stickiest glue residue from plastic. 

label off

Just make sure to clean the “paper layer” off the label first (for example, like the image to the left). This can usually be done by running a little warm water over it and peeling back the paper. WARNING: Rubbing shortening over a label before removing the first layer will just make a big mess. After the first layer is off, just rub a little vegetable shortening over the glue residue. It should come off fairly easy from there.

Once you are done, it may be a little greasy. Simply wash the container with a little dish soap and warm water and then dry it off. Voilà! A perfectly clean container, ready to re-purpose around the house. The best part about using this method, compared to others (such as Goo Gone or WD-40), is the plastic remains crystal clear! I’ve used Goo Gone in the past, only for the plastic to become foggy. I like keeping things in clear containers so that I can easily see what is inside, so a foggy container can be very disappointing.

This method is also great because you don’t need to use any harsh chemicals. Saving money by re-purposing an old container and doing it in an environmentally safe way… What’s not to love about that?

Salted vs Unsalted Butter

Did you know, that when a recipe states “butter” as an ingredient, it really means “unsalted butter.” WHY was this not explained to me earlier!? Bakers just assume that everyone knows this. You could be sabotaging your baking and not even know it! 

So what is the deal? Should you use salted or unsalted butter? Here is an easy guide to understanding the pros and cons of each.


Salted Butter:

Pros: tastes yummy, excellent for buttering savory items like warm corn on the cob and it is easy to find in the grocery store.

Cons: Every company is different and there is no “standard” amount of salt per stick of butter. So you don’t know exactly how much salt is in the butter, which makes it hard to calculate the impact of the salt in a given recipe.


Unsalted Butter:

Pros: Most recipes are written with unsalted butter in mind and ingredients reflect this. So if your recipe requires salt and you are using salted butter, then you are already starting with too much salt.  The pro to this is that it is much easier to control the amount of salt in your recipe if you start off by using unsalted butter and just add salt from there.

Cons: There are times when salted butter simply tastes better. For instance, when I make Chicken Marsala, I notice a distinct difference in the flavor of my sauce when I use unsalted butter instead of salted butter. In this case, I prefer using salted butter.


What to do if you only have salted butter on hand:

A general rule of thumb is to decrease the amount of salt your recipe calls for by 1/4 teaspoon for every 1/2 cup (that’s one stick) of butter. Of course, my recommendation is to use unsalted butter whenever possible, but at least now you have a handy guide to help you be the best baker you can be. 


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