How To Coupon At Rite Aid

Your eyes do not deceive you. Yes, I REALLY DID spend only $4.10 for EIGHT Pantene products! Here’s how I did it.

This post focuses in on how the Rite Aid Wellness+ and +UP Rewards programs work. For more posts on couponing, please check out these posts too: How To Coupon and Where To Find Coupons.

Here is a quick rundown of the Rite wellness+ card and how it works: 

The Rite Aid wellness+ card is basically a “store membership” type card. You can sign up for one in the store and get a little plastic card for your wallet or one for your keychain OR you can sign up online here. If you sign up online, you won’t get a physical card. Instead, you link your account to your phone number and just enter your phone number at the register everytime you shop at Rite Aid.

The Rite Aid “wellness+ rewards” and the “+UP rewards” are basically two parts to the same card.

First, there is the Wellness+ part, which gives you “points” everytime you use the card. These points add up and eventually you can earn some free stuff (like a magazine subscription for a year or a gift certificate to a restaurant). The main attraction to the point program is to get enough points to get store discounts. So many points will get you 5% off store purchases a year, so many more gets you 10% off and so on until you get up to 20%off. More on how this works here.

Then, there is the +UP rewards part, which basically works like a “cash back” system, whenever you purchase eligible items in the store within a given week. The “cash back” goes into your wellness+ account automatically after you check out. Your receipt will show you how many “rewards” you received. These rewards work like a store coupon (or like store credit, if that helps explain it better) that you can then use on another store visit. They are only good for a limited time so you’ll want to spend them before they expire. You can see when they expire on your receipt.

So, HOW did I get EIGHT Pantene products for only $4.10?

1) I shopped at Rite Aid when there was a sale on the product I wanted. In this case, Pantene shampoo and conditioner was on sale for 2 for $7.00 at my local Rite Aid. 

2) I used manufacturer coupons that I clipped from the P&G (Proctor and Gamble) insert in my Sunday paper. These coupons come out once a month and carry coupons for popular P&G products (such as Pantene). In my case, I had 4 coupons for “Buy One Pantene product, Get One Free.” So, I purchased 4 Pantene products for $14.00 and received 4 Pantene products free.

3) I then applied the $12.00 worth of Rite Aid Rewards I earned from a previous visit  (they show up as coupons on the receipt) and the subtotal became $2.00. Tax was $2.10. So my total OOP (out of pocket) was $4.10.

There! That is how I did it! I hope this example will you save on your next receipt as well. I would also like to add that I DO NOT work for Rite Aid or any of their associates, nor am I paid in any way to endorse anything about them. I am merely a woman trying to stay on budget and I want to help others save where they can too. I found a good deal at Rite Aid and wrote a post about it. That is all.

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