The BEST Dusting Tip

I don’t know about you, but I hate dusting and I am willing to try just about anything to keep from having to dust every other day. So here is a little trick I heard from a friend and I have been doing it ever since: I use a dryer sheet to dust with! I have found it works well for shelves, windowsills and baseboards. 

The method I have found that works best is:

First, go over the area with a cloth designed to “catch” dust, not simply spread it around. I found my duster at the dollar store. It has a removable cloth that can be washed in the laundry.

Next, I spray a little water on a dryer sheet (just a little, you don’t want it dripping). Then, I simply wipe everything down with a dryer sheet.

Think about it. Dryer sheets repel static on clothes, right? It does a pretty good job on windowsills and baseboards too.

Here is a comparison of two windowsills in my house after TWO WEEKS without dusting. The first one is a picture before I started using dryer sheets in my weekly dusting routine, the other picture is after using dryer sheets. I had to wait two weeks, because there wasn’t even enough dust on the windowsill after the first week to warrant a picture. Take a look for yourself.

windowsill 500


So what do you think? Are you going to try this?

Messy Laundry Detergent? Save money and keep your laundry room clean with this tip

Do you use liquid laundry detergent? Does it make a mess everywhere? Do you feel as though you are wasting detergent (and wasting money) because the liquid soap runs everywhere or the cup that it comes with sits on top of your washer collecting a big puddle of soap?

Here’s a helpful tip that can help save you money and keep your laundry room nice and tidy:

You will need a small container of liquid detergent. Make sure it is the kind with the lid that is the dispenser, not the kind that uses a separate cup to measure out the soap. I bought a small (25 loads) container of liquid Tide at Family Dollar. It was on sale for $4, but with my .50 off coupon it was only $3.50.

I used the detergent in the smaller container for laundry as normal. Then, when the container was empty, I simply refilled the smaller container, using the liquid from the Large (120 loads) container of Kirkland liquid detergent that I bought at Costco. Every week or so, I just refill the smaller container. 

I now have a cleaner laundry area and I am saving money by not wasting any of the detergent.

I’m going to attempt to make my own laundry soap one of these days… but for now, I am happy not to waste the stuff I bought.